The Importance of a Proper Niacin Dosage

With common American diets, nearly everyone intakes the proper amount of niacin (vitamin B3) for their body weight. Niacin dosage has become a health trend in the later months of 2011 and has shown some surprising health benefits. Niacin flushing is basically an overdose of niacin with the intention of performing a detox on the body. Niacin flushing has many beneficial results including nearly every function in the body from metabolism to immune health to counteracting depression. It may prove beneficial to have a niacin overdose but when undergoing a niacin overdose it is important to avoid the negative side effects.

The benefits of a niacin dosage are many. Cholesterol levels improve as well as the removal and detoxification of harmful chemicals from the body. A niacin flush can also help when someone wants to lose weight, gain muscle, naturally grow hair and treat depression or anxiety. A niacin overdose is not a magic cure all pill. When using it to help lose weight, it will not burn extra fat, but it will give the person more energy to do more reps or run just a little longer. This burst of energy is beneficial. This boost of energy will also help someone build more muscle by giving more energy to keep lifting. A niacin dosage will stimulate the body in producing growth hormone, but the person will still have to work themselves hard to benefit from this addition.

niacin pills

A niacin flush will increase the blood flow through the scalp and allow once dormant hair to grow again. The veins in the skin of the scalp will improve their circulation feeding the follicles necessary vitamins and minerals for hair growth. Incidentally, the blood flow will increase all over the body and benefit the body at large the same way. Not necessarily in the growth of hair, but in the spreading of healing nutrients.

A deficiency in niacin can lead to depression. The body will work to counteract this by using up naturally produced tryptophan to create niacin, but once this is depleted the serotonin levels in the body will dip and depression will occur. The most common foods to eat to have a niacin overdose are tuna, shiitake mushrooms, raw crimini mushrooms and chicken breast. Overdosing of niacin may cause a reddening of skin or burning in the chest. To avoid this take an aspirin, garlic extract or vitamin C about 30 minutes before eating a niacin flushing meal.

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