Niacin for Bodybuilders: Insane vascularity and faster muscle growth

Bodybuilding and vitamin b3

One of the best kept secrets of niacin is the benefits it has on bodybuilding. It can help you both in the short term as long term. Niacin flushing has given many bodybuilders a competitive advantage in the past during contests, but it can also help you build more muscle over a longer period of time. This article will describe how this is possible and how you can replicate the results yourself too.

Niacin Flush

First of all, you will have to consume an overdose of niacin in order to experience the positive aspects. This can be done by either natural foods or niacin supplements. I heavily recommend the first option, mainly because it is healthier and will improve your general well-being too. However, if you do not have much time or you are on vacation, taking in a supplement like Slo niacin will work well too. The most dense niacin foods are:

  • Tuna (4 OZ-wt). Tuna has a dose of 14.60 mg niacin.
  • Chicken breast (4 OZ-wt). This equals 14.40 mg niacin.
  • Raw Crimini mushrooms (5 OZ-wt). These mushrooms contain 5.40 mg niacin.
  • Tamari (1 tabs).  This soy sauce has 0.8 mg niacin.
  • Shiitake mushrooms (1 cup). These inhibit 5.50 mg niacin.

Short term benefits

Immediately after you have consumed an overdose of niacin, you will become more vascular. Vascularity is one of the few details that make the difference during bodybuilding contests.  However, be sure to not overdo the flush, because it can result in some nasty niacin side effects.



Long term benefits

Regular niacin flushing also stimulated the production of growth hormone. Growth hormone is very important for building more muscle and gaining strength. Normally, you produce growth hormone when doing heavy compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and the bench press.  In order to guarantee the best results, be sure to consume the niacin on an empty stomach, two hours before sleeping.

Avoiding Side Effects

In order to avoid side effects be sure to:

  1. Avoid alcoholic beverages
  2. Take some garlic extract
  3. Consume vitamin c tablets
  4. Take in an aspirin 30 minutes prior to the niacin overdose

In this way you can benefit from the benefits of niacin without having to endure the side effects. These side effects generally consist of: A red skin, tingling feeling in the chest and headaches. These effects can last for approximately half an hour, however this depends on the amount of overdose you take.


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