How I Used Niacin to Grow Back My Hair Naturally

Niacin flushing

One of the most overlooked positive aspects of niacin flushing is the ability to stimulate hair production. When I first heard about this, I was a bit skeptic and hesitant: How could consuming a simple vitamin help against hair loss, a problem that many people seek a solution against? Because I was curious I tried it out myself and after initial success I suggested it too some friends. They too had some success with growing back hair naturally. This article will describe how this is possible, how I did it and how you can replicate these results.

How does it work?

When you consume an overdose of niacin, your veins will instantly widen temporarily. This stimulated blood flow through the capillaries. Moreover, it will also stimulate circulation to the scalp. This process ultimately aids in growing back hair. It will also have other benefits for your general health, muscle building and even depression (niacin for depression).

Regular overdosing of niacin can also reduce the production of a testosterone called DHT by the body. DHT often makes men bald at young age. Men that are bald early often have high testosterone levels. Niacin flushing reduces the effects of the particular form of testosterone that causes this baldness.


How did I did it?

You might have read of the awful side effects that occur after you take in an overdose of niacin. Fortunately, this is not necessary when consuming niacin to growing back hair naturally, since even the slightest overdose will improve blood flow.  My personal recommendation is about 35 mg niacin per day. Be sure to jot down in a notepad how much niacin you consume per day, this makes it much easier to avoid nasty side effects.

Good sources of niacin are:

  •         Mushrooms
  •         Dairy
  •         Chicken
  •         Coffee
  •          Liver
  •         Halibut

However, if you want to, you can also enjoy the benefits of niacin for hair growth externally. This is possible by applying niacin topically, at a specialist. However, in order to make this work, you will need a special form of niacin, to be more precise: One that is lipophilic. Lipophilic niacin is able to penetrate more deeply in the skin, and this is essential for improving circulation to the scalp.

What to expect

It has to be noted that niacin flushing is no magic pill against baldness. It will not instantly grow back all of your lost hair. However, it does certainly aid in growing back hair in a natural way, but do not expect wonders. It remains one of the most overlooked niacin benefits, but it deserves more media coverage.


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